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Since 1970

logos during 'bout 50 years


“The difference between Art and Craft is that you need a Professional to assess the Craft..”

Robert Storm Petersen

Graphic samples

Since 1970

“I'll make you, your product or service stand out”

Industrial Designs



The sign above is the logo of the advertising agency Sven Lassen Reklamebureau - founded and ran by my late father.


It was founded the same year I was born, in 1951.


I had my education as a Graphic Designer in that agency, starting in 1970, Odense, Denmark.


Since then I have been working with advertising, graphic design and I also had a detour for 15 years, working as a Furniture Designer.


Today I am mainly doing graphic design and advertising.


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about King Frederik V here

Since 1970

Story in short - is that I am one of the descendants of the late Danish King Frederik V. He was known for being a little too popular amongst the mob according to his father Christian VI’s opinion, because he spent much time with fun, visits to bars and brothels. He also had up to several mistresses, and with the best known of them, Mrs. Hansen, he had 5 children.

Countess von Linden was one of his other mistresses. How many children he eventually had with her, apart from a son in the family tree files, who goes under the name “Officer Von Linden”, is not disclosed.

But if Frederik V had not had this affair - Yours Truly (among many others) would never have existed, being able to help you with the commercial graphic and advertising tasks that YOU need right now...

Your new Logo, Graphic Identity and your messages to your audience through ads, printed matter and digital media are in good hands here, where the newest tools of the time is improving the effective communication of your offers, products and services based on tons of practice and experience, harvested since 1970. (Yes - done this for a long time)..

You can call it commercial communication providing the effect that your audience will see and feel that it is exactly your services and products they are missing. Your packaging must be easy and quick to understand, they must distance themselves from your competitors', have clarity, clear identity and unique color(s) and they must convey your level of quality, visually. Right product, right price - best service, and they will buy repeatedly.

Your texts are just as important - if not more - so that your visual image will stand out as a recognizable brand both by its name and its appearance. If your desire is to modernize an existing product or service, I can help you. Of course also with brand new ones.

Continuous dissemination of your messages through email marketing, eMagasines (alternative to printed) and of course all printed and digital topics you can also ask me to provide.

You can apply for my offers by writing, skyping or calling me.
I make offers to well briefed and defined tasks for individual orders and work on an hourly basis for 40 € / hour.

You can buy Hour-Cut-Cards from 5 hours and up.


Write me here:


Or call me on + 34 628 241 301. You can also contact me on Skype: FutharkJes



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